Autumn & winter Offer

Cold starters

Beef Tatar (200 g) 3.590.-
Caviar with butter and toast 1.790.-
‘Széphalom’ Salad 2.690.-
With Dijon sauce, grilled camembert, grilled goose liver, porcini mushrooms and parmesan cheese

Warm starters

Grilled goose liver with grilled peach, thyme mashed potatoes and ‘Tokaj sauce’ 2.990.-
Ewe cheese filled breaded mushroom with rice and tartar sauce 1.690.-
Grilled camembert with walnut, rice and cranberry sauce 1.690.-
‘Hortobágy-style’ pancake with minced meat and paprika sauce 990.-


In a cup

Cup of Broth with noodle 590.-
Consommé with egg-yolk 590.-
‘Széphalom’ Bouillon 890.-
With beef, vegetables and pasta
Liver dumpling soup 890.-
Home-made mushroom soup with sour cream 690.-

In a cauldron

Game ragout soup with tarragon 1.390.-
Pork Goulash soup 1.190.-
Fisherman’s soup of catfish 1.590.-
Fisherman’s soup of catfish with offal 1.890.-
Fisherman’s soup of carp 1.390.-
Fisherman’s soup of carp with offal 1.690.-
Wanderer’s soup 1.290.-
Bean soup with cabbage and smoked pork

Main courses

Fish Dishes

‘Breaded carp with parsley potatoes and tartar sauce 2.790.-
‘Brasov-style’ catfish stew 2.890.-
Catfish ragout with porcini, and dill tagliatelle with ewe-cheese 2.990.-
Roasted Sander fish with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes 2.990.-
Borított lazacfilé parmezános burgonyapürével 3.290.-
Lazacsteak paradicsommal, sonkával és sajttal felülsütve

Game Dishes

Venison Stew with porcini mushrooms and home-made potato fritters 2.890.-
Steamed deer leg in red wine, with cranberry sauce and home-made potato fritters 3.290.-

Poultry Dishes

Breaded goose liver with grilled apple and mashed potatoes 4.990.-
Oven baked breast of turkey with mashed potatoes 2.790.-
Turkey breast with bacon, camembert, walnuts baked in oven
Rosemary duck breast in honey-red wine sauce, and mashed potatoes with apple 3.190.-
‘Kiev-style’ pullet with mashed potatoes 2.690.-
Breaded breast of pullet stuffed with cheese and spiced butter
Peach-pullet with mashed potatoes 2.690.-
Pullet breast with peaches and cheese, rosted in oven

Pork Dishes

‘Felvidék’ casserole 2.690.-
Spicy pork clod with potato-dumplings
‘Brasov-style’ pork stew 2.790.-
Kazinczy’s favourite 2.690.-
Breaded pork stuffed with ham, cheese and mushrooms on spaghetti Bolognese
Filet mignon of pork and feta cheese, rolled in bacon, with rice 2.990.-
Grilled pork loin, porcini cream sauce and home-made potato fritters 2.790.-
Pork stew with dumplings 1.990.-
Breaded brain ‘flower’ with rice and tartar sauce 2.490.-

Beef Dishes

Crown steak 4.990.-
Sirloin steak rosted with goose liver and camembert with green pepper sauce and home-made potato fritters
Beef cheeks with home-made potato fritters 2.990.-
Sirloin with roasted onions and steak potatoes 3.190.-
Roasted matured sirloin and roasted onions
Fried calf’s feet with parsley potatoes and tartar sauce 2.690.-
Tripe stew with boiled potatoes 2.490.-


Spaghetti Bolognese with grated cheese 1.490.-
Potato dumpling with ewe cheese and roasted bacon 1.290.-
Cottage cheese pasta with roasted bacon 1.190.-
Pasta with cabbage 1.190.-


Cucumber salad 650.-
Tomato salad 650.-
Cabbage salad 490.-
Apple pepper with vinegar 390.-
Pickled cucumber 390.-
Beetroot salad 390.-
Mixed pickle 390.-
Cherry pepper and pepperoni pepper 390.-


Brownie 990.-
Walnut apple cake 990.-
Chocolate souffle 990.-
Cottage cheese-filled pancake with vanilla sauce 890.-
Nutella-filled pancake 890.-
‘Gundel’ pancake 890.-
Cocoa-filled pancake 490.-
Jam-filled pancake 490.-