Our history

szephalomOur history starts in the beginning of the previous century. We have only vague memories but sure that in 1900s there was a restaurant, called ’Zöld Kunyhóhoz’ (Restaurant to the Green Hut). According to the contemporary writings and locals, the restaurant run well but it wasn’t enough to survive the world wars. In the middle of 19th century had to close its doors.

Fortunately, the break wasn’t so long, after the second world war ’Kán Étterem’ (Khan’s Restaurant) opened and became famous and known at once among the locals, thanks to the homemade dishes and homely atmosphere. A new turn came with the socialism: in 1964 the new owner is Buda Cateringindusty Company. Three years later, the restaurant picked up its present name – Széphalom Restaurant. This name comes from the hill-side of the ’nice-piles’ around the neighborhood. After the Regime Change the restaurant was run by the current owner, since 1995 as an own business.

Despite the vicissitude and difficulties our restaurant never torn roots. Our philosophy is still the same: dishes from our kitchen are the masterpieces of the Hungarian foods. We try to summon the sense of the old times.

We wish you pleasant moments to the ’time-travel’ and the culinary delights.

Mr Gábor Kecskeméti