Wine & Pálinka Card

White wines

f_vidats Feind Balatoni Olaszrizling 2.490 Ft/bottle
dry 330 Ft/dl
Greenish yellow with some carbon dioxide to account for its slightly carbonated character. It has a short but powerful, special aroma, reminiscent of petunias. The underlying flavours are determined by late harvesting. Rounded acids with some bitterness on the finish.
no-photo Figula Balatonfüred-Csopaki Chardonnya 3.990 Ft/bottle
dry 550 Ft/dl
A pleasent light-strawyellow-coloured white wine with juvenile acid. Pure and intense spicy-smelled nose (apricot, tea-rose). We recommend it for fish meals with fruity garnosh and poultry.
f_molnar Molnár Mátrai Irsai Olivér 2.490 Ft/bottle
dry 330 Ft/dl
Light with a scent of fresh air, lush, crispy, pale greenish-yellow, with a moderate muscatel bouquet. Its harmonic fruitiness is combined with lively acids. Recommended as an aperitif at 9-10°C and with soups, roast poultry and desserts with fruit.
f_ludanyi Ludányi Mátrai Sárgamuskotály 2.990 Ft/bottle
semi-sweet 400 Ft/dl
The intensive but not strong fragrances and bouquet recall perfumes (orange blossoms). Alcohol, acid and sugar content of this wine wonderfully harmonise with its bouquet and scent.


f_vidats Villa Sandi Prosecco DOC Frizzante 3.800 Ft/bottle
f_molnar Villa Sandi Rosato Frizzante 3.400 Ft/bottle

Rose wines

r_merfelsz Mészáros Szekszárdi Pinot Noir Rosé 3.300 Ft/bottle
dry 440 Ft/dl
Nice onionskin colour with intensive fruity scent. It is a perfectly dry rich wine with pleasant acids and a well-balanced, harmonious taste.
r_frittmann Frittmann Kunsági Rosé Cuvée 3.300 Ft/bottle
dry 440 Ft/dl
Light and refreshing fruity wine for those hot summer days. Aproppriate for all occasions, enjoyable with snacks, light meals, or simly as a refreshment. Serve chilled at 11-12°C, a quencher with ice cubes.

Red wines

v_gunzer_fc Pócz Cabernet Fanc 3.300 Ft/bottle
dry 440 Ft/dl
Deep black colour with a purple ring combined with a splendid fragrance of paprika, forest mushrooms and game skin. Will probably remain at its best for a long while. It is a fine proof of the rich bouquet and aroma of the wines from the Szekszárd region. Excellent with game dishes prepared with a ragout of paprika, red wine and forest.
v_meszaros Mészáros Szekszárdi Cabernet Sauvignon 3.600 Ft/bottle
dry 480 Ft/dl
Cabernet Sauvignon is full-bodied, nice tannin content red wine. Goes well with heavy meat dishes. Recommended temperature: 16-18°C.
no-photo Lisicza Pécsi Merlot 3.600 Ft/bottle
dry 480 Ft/dl
This excellent red wine was matured in oak barrels to consummate its character. It is recommended to be served with beef and vension.
v_gunzer_cs Maczkó Villányi Kis Medve 3.600 Ft/bottle
dry 480 Ft/dl
It has ruby colour with paprika and blackberry scent. Tart and fruity (black-currant and blackberry) are in its taste. It is a well-balanced, perfectly dry wine.
no-photo Merfelsz Szekszárdi Doppio 4.500 Ft/bottle
dry 600 Ft/dl
This wine strikes a pure note with its purplish ruby color and deep, quintessentially fruity bouquet that needs at least 10 minutes of air to unfold. This Cabernet seems to be one of those rare exceptions because its velvety tannins don’t sit on the fruit, allowing a full expression of a complex, sophisticated taste side by side with the concentration.
no-photo Gál Egri Pinot Noir 4.800 Ft/bottle
Production is based in similar, ideal natural condition as in its homeland: Burgundy. Medium ruby rad colour with warm, velvety nose. Both in nose and taste cherry, prunes, bitter chocolate and aromas of the roast can be dicovered. Nice, elegant, not too conceited acid beautifully assist this.


brill Brill Kajszibarack Pálinkák 1.490 Ft/4 cl
Strong, intensive aroma, first resembling spring flowers, herbs, later fruits. After feeling the horehound, sweet fennel and a bit of mint comes the apricot bearing mild jam notes. First this complexity may be surprising but later it creates a nice unitiy.
brill Brill Szilva Pálinka 1.490 Ft/4 cl
Marvelous flower scent and honey sweet character in perfect harmony. Plum aroma feels in the taste too with a slight cinnamon. Complex and precise spirits goes to the limits but never step out of them
no-photo Panyolai Birs Pálinka 1.490 Ft/4 cl
A glass of refreshing delight with a fine citric aroma and a lively flavor.
no-photo Panyolai Vilmoskörte Pálinka 1.490 Ft/4 cl
A Pear Brandy from Panyola is a special quality, traditional Hungarian product. It’s made by 100% pear fruit.
brill Brill Málna Pálinka 1.990 Ft/4 cl
It has an intensive, full-bodied, long term fresh raspberry aroma woth a bit if forest fruit in the backside. In our mouth, it is strong but elegant, it fills every part if the mouth. Beside the fruity flavor we can feel a bit of cold spicyness too, in its taste.